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Term 4 Evaluation


Term four has whizzed by and we can’t believe that it is nearly Christmas.  Just like every other term, we have been extremely busy with lots of different experiences and exciting learning.

Some highlights for us have been Seed2Table with Joy.  We loved going into the kitchen every Friday and enjoyed the surprise of the menu each week.  Some of the skills we learned included dicing, chopping, trying new foods, whisking, mixing, planting, weeding, and identifying plants.  By far, the best part was celebrating our achievements and going to Ross Intermediate for our final week – the dessert (Eton mess) was definitely a big hit!

Athletics day was a great day filled with lots of activity and fun.  We pushed ourselves to the limits to achieve the best that we could.  Kiwi house won the overall points!

At the start of Term 4 we all completed PAT tests.  Without exception, every single member of Digibots made significant improvement on their results.  Approximately one-third of us were assessed at 2years above our current level and still did extremely well – what stars!

The end of term has seen us celebrating all of our wonderful achievements.  We had Monday Fun-Day to celebrate great learning.  This included wearing pjs, shared lunch, waterslide, treasure hunt, game of flags and a movie.

Reports went home on Tuesday and we were able to share with our families the fabulous progress we have made in 2011.

I have had another great term with jacqui.

Happy holidays!

This is a little movie about this term.


Grace’s Movie on PhotoPeach

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Responsibility Assembly


This is a movie about there responsibility I got three awards for office angle, ICT Crew, Te Apti Cluster

Here is the movie of the assembly.

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Monday Funday


This week on Monday we had a Monday Fun-day we did lots of fun activities and played lots of fun games. One of the best things about the day was that everyone in our class had there Pyjamas and we did everything in our Pyjamas. The game that we played was called Flags and got put into two groups there was a Red group and a Yellow group, Guess what group won? it was the group that I was in, Yellow won!!!  We did a Treasure hunt that we had to find thing around the school thing and write thing down and if we came first we would get some lollies, I did it with hunt Bree and we got all of our answers right. Millar brought a water slide in so we could have a bit of fun on that and we went down in pairs and as a class. We also had a Shared lunch as a class, and we watched a movie called Kung Fu Panda it was a really great movie it was funny too.

Thank You to Millar for letting us be able to do this.


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My MMM’s

WALT: Use SiSoMo effectively.
(Sight, Sound, Motion)Criteria:
– Clear images
– good lighting/minimal shadows
– Interesting camera angles
– Connected/well matched to sound
– Title and/or captions
– Credits
– sounds match the actions
– some music, to set the tone/scene or mood
– message communicated with some voice
– message communicated with some sound effects
– all sounds clear
– small movements = smooth animation

To create a ‘lego’ or ‘clay’ animation
Think of something that interests you/you really enjoy.
e.g hobbies/sports/games/activities
Decide how you could share this interest with others through an animation.

What will people see?
What will people hear?
What movement will there be?

I think our movie is really exciting and it is cool because it is one of my hobbies. Dancing is one of my favorite things to do.
I think the sounds matches the actions really well, because the music is a really good beat.
We have tried to use tittles and captions and we also added in Credits at the end, I think that was really good.
I think all the sounds were really clear and if they were not we would go over it and record again.
I think if I did it again I think I would do some smaller movements.
Also I would do some more different camera angles.
And also get a good lighting/minimal shadows because we had a few bits in our movie that there was some shadows.

 I did this animation with Ella.

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Week 7 Reflection


What: This week we have put lots of posts onto my blog and Finished my cheek List, we have been doing lots if SDL. Millar, Maddie, Oliver, and I have been planning for Monday Funday, also the class has helped us a little bit because the did come of the votes. I have finished my MMM’s and I will be putting that onto my blogs today. We have also done a City Class Survey.

So What: This week I have learnt how to manage my time really well if we would like to be part of the Monday Funday and have a deadline. I have also learnt a new way to make a book review that we stared to make with our Buddies.

Now What: Next week I am really looking forward to taking part in the Monday Funday because I have finished everything. Also next week I am really looking forward the big senior day out, and finishing school.

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New Music Video


Cheek out the Ad, Look at this movie it is funny.

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Character Sketch My Mum (Amanda)

“Paint a picture of your character with words”WALT: Write with imagery (show not tell)Imagery is the use of vivid description, usually rich in sensory words, to create pictures, or images, in the reader’s mind.


Here is my Writing I did it on my Mum,

 As I jogged down the path to meet my mum, after a long day at school, I saw her wide open smile, as she opened the car door for me to get in. She greeted me as I jumped into the car. I told her how my day went and what I did. We drove home to get some afternoon Tea. Before going out again.

My Mum love to go shopping she has a good eye for what looks good. When we go shopping she always turns her head to the side and she rummages though all of the clothes just to find the right types of clothes and right sizes that she is looking.


I think my Mum has the best job ever. She is a graphic designer. She is sometimes rushing to get her work done because she spends lots of her time on my sisters and I. My mum works so hard so I can do all my after school activities, Like Jazz, Ballet, Hip  Hop, Horse riding, Drama, Hockey and more.

She works away at her computer while doing her nails. She loves to try out new things. Like one time she tried every nail polish on in the shop that she could find and then came out of the shop with all different nail polishs on every nails. She watchs me dance and play and have a good time.

She helps me understand my learning while making another yummy dinner at the same time.

I think my mum knows what she does and does’nt like, She is always got some jaffars or mints in the side pocket of her car. She puts Three or Four Jaffars into her mouth at once.

When we got to the movies we ask her if she would like anything? O yes she says I’ll just have that little box of Jaffars.

My Mummy loves everything to be as clean as a diamond, but one time she said to me tidy but her bedroom is as mine. My mummy is always pretty clothes and shoes they all go really well together and all match. In the morning I do not know how she can choose what she has a large wardrobe full of clothes, Shoes, Boots, Handbags, and more things.

Even though she sometimes tells me off, I like to talk to mummy when I have a Problem. She just sits beside me and listens. That is why she is one of my Favorite Person or Relative.

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My Bird art

WALT: to use water colours effectively.

Success Criteria:

  • I have used watercolours to make a background, blending yellow and red
  • Dabbed background to make it have a ‘splotchy’ effect
  • Contrasting colours between background and foreground (bird)
  • I have a bold vivid outline
  • I have used pastels to colour in shapes with vibrant colours
  • My bird is an abstract design (not realistic)
  • has an interesting range of shapes.
I think my art has a good range of shapes and I have used Circles, Hearts, Dimands, and I tried to make them all different shapes and sizes.
I think I made my bird shape really well and I think you can tell that it is a Bird.  Also I think I used really bright colours so it would stand out to my audience that is looking at my art.

We made these with Nicole as a peace of art to make or Class Room brighter
Her is my Bird.
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Week 6 Reflection


What: This week we have done lots on our MMM movie and I have finished filming and now I have to do my editing. Yesterday it was the Community concert. Before it started we fired up the barbecue and sold some sausages. 1st up was the rustling Uke’s. I was in the ukulele band. We played Haerea Mai, Octopus’s garden and last we played Ukulele heaven, Hannah, Zara and I played 2 other songs called Love Love Love, And Count on me.

So what: I have learnt how to make a MMM Claymation movie by using, (Sight,Sound,Motion).

Now What: I want to focus on next week is to finish my MMM movie and post it on my blog.

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Week 7 Goal


My Goal for this week is to get every thing onto my blog.

I choose this because I want to be part of Monday Funday.

I will do this by when I get time to get things on my blog I will try really hard.

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